Ready Set Work

RSW is an employability and entrepreneurship program aimed at preparing final year students for immediate entry into the workforce as employees and employers of labor.

The program equips them with market-aligned knowledge, soft skills, business tools, and a mindset reorientation to the world of work.

In partnership with the Lagos state Ministry of Education and a network of stakeholders, this initiative made its debut in 2016, hosting 500 students and graduating a total of 472 from the programme with 197 of these students placed in internship and apprenticeship opportunities in various organizations. This year, 2000 students are being hosted face-to-face and 10,000 online. This process will continue every year and on a scale larger than the previous year’s.

The programme is aimed at addressing the gaps in the skill set of graduates of tertiary institutions in Lagos state and seeks to curb the current high level of graduate unemployment in the state through a strategic intervention consisting of thirteen weeks of intensive training in work-based and entrepreneurial skills acquisition.

The curriculum developed by GEN focuses on helping the students build skills in 5 core areas: Time management, Problem solving, Communication, Teamwork and Expectation management.

GEN also developed a RSW “Employability” Rating, a proxy reputation system to independently assess and rate students and report their abilities (professional skills NOT job-specific functions) to prospective employers to make the employer-employee matching process more efficient. Read more